Future products

Once the system is over collateralised and we exit scam

Future areas of research for Necc protocol are:

  • Permissionless markets with linear perps denominated in NECC

  • Something like Gauntlet Network on how to best distribute incentivised yield to balance the collaterals (oSushi as a reference - https://forum.sushi.com/t/sushinomics-introducing-osushi/4055)

  • Model Parameter tuning of fees

  • Strategically buying puts for the basket of collaterals to keep NDOL price stable

  • Structured products on top of the system i.e. Zap into a vault to get the best NDOL mint fee rate and help rebalance demand

  • Synthetic tokens with Flux price oracles to speculate on

  • Everlasting options with a EWMA floating strike price

  • Yield fee tiers

  • Undercollateralised loans/leverage due an overcollateralised NDOL and user reputation

  • Partnership markets with inverse perps and treasury sharing

  • Crosschain liquidity rebalancing incentives for arbitrageurs

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